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Application For Approval Of Non-Scheduled Flights
1. Purpose of the flight (VIP / Tourist / Cargo / Ambulance / Relief / Private etc.)
2. Whether overlying/technical landing in India for traffic purposes
ATS Routes to be flown including entry &
Exit point in Indian airspace
3. Complete route itinerary of the proposed Filght with dates & timings (including true origin & true destination)
4. Arrival & departure timings at airports in India if any
5. Airport of last departure before entering Indian airspace & airport of first landing after leaving Indian airspace
6. Aircraft details:
(i) Type
(ii) State of Registry / Nationality
(iii) Registration
(iv) Telephony designation(Flight Number/Call sign)
(v) Whether the aircraft is capable of air-dropping (Yes/No)
(vi) Passenger seating capacity is more than 30 seats (Yes/No)
(vii) Whether the maximum pay-load
(viii) Capacity of the aircraft is more than 03 tonnes (Yes/No)
(ix) Whether the aircraft is fitted with
(x) ACAS-II/TCAS-II (Yes/No)
7. Pilot-in-Command:
(i) Name
(ii) Nationality
Aircraft operators certificate/permit no: if any
8. On board details:
(i) Number of crew
(ii) Number of passengers if any
(iii) General description of goods carried if any
(iv) Any arms, ammunition, explosives,
(v) Radio-active materials, war equipment or dangerous goods? If so, attach a copy of DGCA permit
9. Any special equipment like aerial photography, remote sensing cameras, night vision cameras on board? If so, attach copy of DGCA permit
10. Number of passengers of tonnage of cargo to be uplifted from and set down in India
11. Chaterer
(i) Name
(ii) Address
(iii) Phone
(iv) Fax
12. Travel/cargo agent in India
(i) Name
(ii) Address
(iii) Phone
(iv) Fax
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