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Trip Planning

Trip PlanningCo-ordination Successful navigation across the globe into new regions requires not only aviation expertise but professionals who possess a worldwide perspective of social & political conditions. CBAS endeavours to provide corporate pilots a variety of options to meet the exacting standards of flight departments. Co-ordination involves, arranging over-flight / landing permits, identifying ideal take - off / landing slots, economical flight obtaining visas / diplomatic clearances besides deciding on the route and location of tech halt for crew rest or fuelling. All these are determined after careful consideration of the stability of the regions traversed, prevailing prices, weather conditions and crew preferences, to enable an economical flight while not compromising on safety aspects. Close and constant check of NOTAMS, natural calamities and areas of potential conflict are also assessed.

While the operational aspects are taken care of by CBAS planners , the staff arranges ancillary services viz, fueling agents, hotels at discounts, car rentals, in-flight catering etc . All this ensures that the crew and passengers relax & enjoy the flight knowing that, professionals are monitoring every moment of their flight and, deviations/change are being communicated to the appropriate agencies, for efficiency and promptness, at every stage.

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